Foodie Journey

My Lent challenge…it didn’t last too long.  I made it to Saturday when I was having a very long day and a friend upset me and I turned to rugelach for comfort.  While I am not downing sweets every day, I did fail in making it to my goal. But I plan on continuing. After today.  I needed oreos. I blame my ovaries. TMI. Sorry.

I have made some meals from my cookbooks.  From Mario Batali’s The Babbo Cookbook, I made Pappardelle Bolognese for some friends Sunday night.  Wine was uncorked, salad was tossed, and some of Pioneer Woman’s Hard Sauce (made with Rum) was thrown on a Swedish Apple Cake. Oops. Yeah, there was more sweets. But it was for my friends!  And we all enjoyed it. Tonight I made the Norwegian meatloaf from Beatrice Ojakangas’s Scandinavian Cooking. I didn’t have one spice for it and reading other recipes, I had plan on adding another.  It was good, but still needs some tweaking and definitely need to try it with tonight’s AWOL ingrediate. I also don’t plan on adding all the ketchup and other sauces that are featured in American meatloafs. I really need to update my goals list soon.


Jumping Rope

Every time before boxing, we are to jump rope.  Now, the first time I attempted to do this, it was a wake-up call. I hadn’t jumped rope in roughly 15 years. The instructor said I should do the skipping step, which of course is easy when you already know how to do it.  The skipping step involves kicking one foot forward at a time so you don’t wear yourself out doing the three rounds of two-minute jumps followed by 30 seconds of double time.

But I was not going to attempt to learn it there. And with severely short ceilings at my apartment, I could not even attempt it there. So, I continued doing the traditional jump. Until last night.  With 15 foot ceilings, a roommate on a flight back from Mardi Gras, and the tv showing the Caps stomping the Oilers, I was prepared to skip rope. The first thing I did was put on a pair of shoes because while jump ropes don’t have those plastic links like they did in elementary school, they are more whip-like and hurt like hell when they hit your bare feet, which is how most of us are in Krav.

After 30 minutes, I finally got it down. You must be thinking I am crazy for jumping 30 minutes.  Well, you’re wrong.  I did it for an hour. I did throw some crunches in there and did stop for a minute to throw the laundry in the wash and clean my dinner plate, but I jumped for an hour.

And my legs can tell it today. My calves are so tight and I honestly feel like they are going to cramp up on me, but at least I can mark the jumping skip off my list of goals for the year.


Today is Ash Wednesday, which as a lax Protestant means I see a lot of people walking around with ashen crosses on the foreheads and I have more seafood choices at restaurants than I normally do.  But this year, I thought, as I was downing some Double Stuf Oreos the other night, I should take it as a challenge.  That’s a good goal. 

The past two months have been miserable and stressful.  And happiness can be found in oreos. So can a high fat content. And I have put on a bit of weight during the winter months.  Therefore, the sweets are going away. And I think I am only going to allow one type of cheese in my fridge because I have a bad habit of snacking on cheese and let’s face it, eating entire balls of fresh mozzarella, while yummy, is not that good for you.

And since life has gotten less stressful, it means I can pick up on things like running again. With it warming up, I’m looking forward to morning/evening runs.

So, there we go. Until April 24th, I am stopping the sweets.

Hello March

And March has arrived. What have I been up to in the past month? Mainly moving had taken over my life.  After a process that was complicated by things that should not have happened, I finally found a wonderful apartment that is in a renovated Victorian schoolhouse.  I moved into a place that has 15 foot ceilings, a fireplace, a loft with a wall of bookshelves, and my own bathroom to name some of the wonderful features.  My Orange Belt test was supposed to be yesterday, but it was determined that the three of us who showed up needed some more work and another test is being scheduled in a few months.  I think it’s just another thing off my mind and more time to work on. It was actually a relief and when I went out after the workshop, it felt like a huge weight was gone now that moving and there was no test. And it should make my face stop breaking out too. Work is going back and forth between being busy and slow.  The oil spill hits some busy days, the budget came out a few weeks ago, and seriously, I have to deal with pirates. My job is so awesome sometimes. I threw a Swedish party at work and tried a few recipes out.  I love all the new cookbooks with all their foreign foods.  I’ve also been busy with some outings. I’m trying to get out more and meet new people. But now. it is nice lounging out the couch watching hockey on this rainy day.

And how is that goal list going?

  1. Fit into purple dress
  2. Learn to cook different ethnic foods
  3. Floss more
  4. Do successful pull – ups
  5. Go on a real vacation 
  6. Learn to do that skipping thing while jumping rope
  7. Learn to tap and rack
  8. Do more dance classes
  9. Don’t ignore mail
  10. Take Orange Belt Test
  11. Move into new apartment
  12. Be more outgoing
  13. Stop eating Clif Bars for dinner
  14. Start a new work-out regimen

Pray for me, for it is Winter and I am Whiny

We have now passed into the month of February and today was the day where I have decided that I really cannot tolerate winter anymore and am staring longingly at the sun dresses in my closet.  It didn’t help when cleaning out my closet the other day that I tried them on and had to remove a few for being too large now.

There are a few more goals to my list. One I have already managed to accomplish: Stop eating Clif Bars for dinner.  Yeah, I hit a point where grabbing a protein bar at the end of Krav classes was reason in my mind not to cook at all. 

I’m still doing the apartment searches. There is one I am really crossing my fingers on, but I will give details later.  Hopefully, by the end of this ordeal, I will have found a place, gotten back on a better schedule (for everything in my life, it seems), and my face will stop breaking out.  As well as taking care of all those other goals.

Three Weeks Later and What Do I Have to Say for Myself?

Hello Blog Land, it has indeed been a while. I’ve been doing my work-outs except when snow, work, and life and caused some einterference. I had set some goals at the beginning of the year

  1. Fit into purple dress
  2. Learn to cook different ethnic foods
  3. Floss more
  4. Do successful pull – ups
  5. Go on a real vacation 
  6. Learn to do that skipping thing while jumping rope
  7. Learn to tap and rack
  8. Do more dance classes
  9. Don’t ignore mail

Looking at these goals, I will say that I have bought a bunch of the cookbooks and I am happiest about that. I do have some more goals to add to the list:

10. Take My Krav Orange Belt Test in March – 5 weeks of hard training coming

11. Moving into an new apartment – I looked at an awesome place tonight!

12. Be more outgoing – I know those who know me think I probably can’t be, but I realize that I tend to keep around the same people. Not that there is anything wrong with this.  I have one amazing friend who seems to meet new people just walking out her house.  I want to have that ability. I want new experiences.

I know there were some other goals in there, but I can always come back.  Hopefully in less than three weeks.

Trekking and Tracking

Around two years ago I  created an account onThe Daily Plate.  It helped out a lot, but I am a competitive person and I started trying to see how low my calorie count could be.  It got ridiculous.  Back at Christmas I thought it would be a great idea to just to write everything I ate on the memo pad on my phone.  This week I had the idea to bring back my DP account.  It has been updated and has already helped out a lot. 

Before, there were nothing telling me that since I sit at a desk most of the day and when I’m at home I like to veg, that I am actually sedentary.  Yeah, I run, do boxing and Krav, and go to the gym, but unfortunately, perserving democracy doesn’t burn many calories.

It also tracks parts of your diet like fat, fiber, protein, etc.  I think this is one of the most helpful.  I’m burning tons of calories, but I realize I need to stop eating boiled eggs as an after I leave the gym and should cut walnuts from my salads.  It’ll cut down on fat and cholesterol.  And stay away from mozzarella.  A little wouldn’t be too bad, but fresh mozzarella is just so darn tasty, especially when they’re in tiny sizes that are easy to pop.   Here’s to dawning realizations and may we be better for them.

Watch as I randomly add a new theme to this blog…


If my co-horts hate it, I don’t mind if you change it. The winter theme just didn’t feel right anymore.

I can’t believe it’s already 2011. Where’d the time go? I haven’t even had a chance to really think about goals or anything like that. It’s just been constantly busy busy busy. But let’s see what I can work out right here, right now.

1) Get in a healthier state, both physically and mentally. I will not let delicious recipes or stress get me down

2) Exercise more. I signed up with a kickboxing gym. The first class KICKED MY BUTT. But it was fun enough and I realize that it’s a kick in the butt that I need to make it work

3) Find staple recipes. I always try new recipes which is fun, but I need those staples that are delicious and I can always rely on.

4) Keep the apartment clean. I’m a messy person by nature so it’s hard for me to want to clean up and do laundry and all that jazz. I do like a clean place to live so I’ll try to keep it clean myself.

5) Get married. That’s an easy goal.

6) Don’t kill anyone due to wedding stress. That’s what kickboxing is for.

I’m sure I’ll think of more, but right now…this is good.

Au Revoir 2010

The last few hours of 2010 are counting down and I have spent the last few days thinking of some goals for the coming year.  I wanted to have ten, but I could only think of nine.  Nine is a good number. Besides, I can alter/add goals any time I want.  Here they are:

  1. Fit into purple dress ~ and look fab
  2. Learn to cook different ethnic foods ~ I really want to learn to cook Spanish food this year, as well as Jewish, Norwegian, and some others.  I have dozens of cookbooks on my Amazon wishlist ~CoughbirthdayinninedaysCough~
  3. Floss more ~ I don’t know why I see this as taking up more time than I do
  4. Do successful pull – ups ~ I’m halfway there!
  5. Go on a real vacation ~ BP is not allowed to take another summer from me
  6. Learn to do that skipping thing while jumping rope ~ I’m not as coordinated as I thought…
  7. Learn to tap and rack ~ Although this was suggested in Krav this week as we were doing gun defenses, I think watching all those mob movies has some kind of influence as well
  8. Do more dance classes ~ The dance studio I go to has Intro to Funk & House…Ye-ah!
  9. Don’t ignore mail ~ I kind of let some mail pile up.  Like all those annoying Chase credit card applications which I later shred.  But I also have a tendency of ignoring (or flat out shredding) mail from that should be open, like from the bank.  And as I opened a letter from my health insurance, revealing my new card, I realized I shouldn’t ignore mail.

I guess a tenth one could be to make the most of the year.  I have two really good friends leaving DC in the summer and I am dreading it.  If course I know when one door closes another opens and so many other things can happen, but it’s still hard.

Redemption is Painful. So are Leg Squats.

First thing, I want to give a big Hoo-Rah to Allison for starting her kickboxing classes.  As they said in 1996, You Go Girl!

Now, to me.  I am back from the Land of Fried Chicken and we’ll just leave it at that.  Rising at 5:45 this morning, I spent most of the day on airplanes or in airports.  I promised myself that as I was leaving the Peach State I would behave myself since I was away from the influence of my mother’s Mucho Leche cake (aka Tres Leche.  There is a story here.)  But as a moth is drawn to a bug zapper, a Georgian sees the curlicue signs of Chik-Fil-A and loses all will power.  Fortunately, I really haven’t been hungry since Christmas and didn’t gorge myself today and promptly went to Krav when I got home for a strike class and a Krav class. 

There were some good accomplishments tonight.  Like I didn’t pass out or throw up.  And I plan on doing the same thing tomorrow because my masochistic fat ass needs kicking.  I wonder why I act like a buffoon every year at the holidays when I know I will regret it later.  At least it’s a phase that always ends though.  Let’s hope 2011 brings us closer to what we really have in mind for goals.

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